C A R I N G    F O R    Y O U R    P R O D U C T


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Most of our products are handmade from polymer clay, designed to be lightweight yet strong and durable.

Polymer clay is slightly flexible when cured meaning it withstands situations other types of clay would not; it will not shatter when dropped, and will bend before it breaks. Our other products are made from resin, not as lightweight as polymer clay but just as durable.

Harder materials such as metal can scratch the surface of your new Hello Emu goodies, and chemicals can damage their appearance. Store them away from sharp metal objects and jewellery to avoid surface scratches, and keep them away from perfumes, cleaning products and excessive amounts of water. 

Try not to display your new purchases in direct sunlight to avoid discolouration.


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Make-up and other dirt can be removed by gently wiping with a cotton bud dipped in water.

The metal components we use are made from hypoallergenic stainless steel, these should not discolour or rust

and can easily be cleaned with a soft jewellery cloth.